Over time, iJustine has created multiple YouTube channels. However, only her main, gaming, and vlog channels are still active.

iJustine Edit

iJustine is Justine's main channel. It currently is her most active, and her most popular.

otherijustine Edit

otherijustine is Justine's extras channel. On this channel, she uploads vlogs, and extra video clips.

iJustineGaming Edit

This is Justine's gaming channel. This channel has gameplays with commentaries from Justine.

ijustinesiphone Edit

This channel has vlogs and extras, except they are all recorded using an iPhone. These videos are unedited.

iJustine's review channel! Edit

This channel has reviews and reactions of different products, videos, and leaks.'

ijustineracing Edit

This channel is her least popular channel. The purpose of this channel was for Justine to post her videos from her vacation in Spain, which is why it was only active for a day.

Statistics Edit

Channel Name Subscriber Count First Video
iJustine 2,356,541+ iJustine]
otherijustine 677,711+ Hi and welcome to my new channel!
iJustineGaming 630,426 + Welcome! iJustine gaming channel!
ijustinesiphone 298,854 + Cute puppy!!!
iJustine's review channel! 273,632 + 4 GIG NECKLACE???!!!
ijustineracing 2,213 + Autoparking like a champion

Trivia Edit

  • ijustineracing is a least known channel. It was only active for one day, because it was meant for Justine to post her videos from Spain.[1]
  • Each channel serves a different purpose, so the iPhone channel is about videos recorded on her iPhone, her review channel showed things she liked, and unboxings, and her Other channel is for vlogs and extras.
    • This is to separate content, because at the time, playlists weren't available on YouTube.[1]
  • Justine used to have a show on her review channel called iJ Likes.
  • At one point, all videos on the ijustineracing channel were blocked worldwide, due to a copyright claim from

References Edit

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