iPhone are mobile phone invented by Apple in 2007. It's purpose is to combine a phone, a web browser and an iPod.

Justine is known to have every iPhone in the lineup.

The Original iPhone Edit

Justine was in San Francisco when the first iPhone was announced on the Keynote by Steve Jobs.

iPhone 3G/ iPhone 3GS Edit

In 2017, Justine purchased an iPhone 3GS on ebay which was claimed to be sealed and unboxed the phone in a video titled 'iPhone 3GS unboxing!'. While unboxing the phone, she found out that the phone is actually resealed to her and she later made a video 'iPhone 3GS Scam' to talk about it.

iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S Edit

While the iPhone 4S came out, Justine managed to get a pre-order on the phone. However, when the package arrived, only an empty UPS box showed up.